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We are THE one-stop-shop for all your business website needs. Merging cost-effective design and branding with bespoke website builds for businesses across the UK, Vanilla Websites utilises the latest software to bring you an all-in-one website solution. We combine all your digital assets, branding, email and hosting into an affordable monthly payment. With everything together in the same place, we make life easy for our clients and provide a superior grade of website at a fraction of the normal cost. Come to us for all your commercial website needs.

If you’ve set up your own business, one of the first things you’re likely to want is a credible website. Trying to find someone to do it at a reasonable price is difficult enough, not to mention the extra headache of designing your logos, branding, purchasing a domain and all the other necessary pit-stops you have to take along the way. Then there’s the mine-field of providers you have to wade through for each respective aspect of your website. Here at Vanilla, we know this isn’t easy and our mission is to take all the hard bits out of the process.

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Function Vs Form


Both are equally important: your business website needs to function just as well as it looks. There’s a fine balance between the two aspects of web design and here at Vanilla, our web design team will get it right for you.

Highlighting your services


The landing page and the first paragraph that appears on your website are vitally important to convey to the reader what you have on offer. The same goes for the search engines that are reading your site, if you want to be picked up by Google for being a car dealer, then you’ve got to include these details in your opening statement to the World Wide Web.




We all know how frustrating it can be to try and navigate a really “busy” website. As you can probably tell from our website, we prefer to keep things simple. It’s easier for the end-user. And the end-user is your customer; so why not just let them slice through your website like a knife through butter? That way, they’ll want to use it again and they’ll go away happy they got what they wanted without launching a full scale click and type war with their phone.


Branding Identity


Often negelected with many website builds is the brand. Most web designers rely on business owners to provide their identity. We do it for you.

In essence, your brand is compendium of all the images and elements used to convey your company’s identity to the consumer. To control the branding of your company is to control the consumer’s perception of what your business is and does.

Our Mission


We set out to help the business community with an easy-fix website solution because we know how difficult it is to run a business at the same time as trying to put together a successful digital presence. We’ve spoken with countless people who have found it extremely difficult to find someone to build a website for them in the first place, not to mention finding someone who can do it at a reasonable price. Building a brand and promoting that brand online is a frustrating, time-consuming project; time which could be better spent managing your business. Why not leave it to the experts? Leave it to Vanilla Websites.


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On Business Website Development


DIY website prices

We go the extra mile and give you all the benefits of a developer led website and branding project at a price you would expect to pay for a template DIY website.

Vetted & Approved

We only utilise trusted software

Your website is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we only ever use the most trusted brands when developing a commercial website. Taking the time to research customer reviews and support ratings for each and every piece of additional software we use, we will find the safest and most reliable platforms and plug-ins for E-commerce, WordPress, SEO and any other necessary applications your business needs for a successful and professional digital presence.

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Our Mission

Building Better Business Websites

Providing all you need in one location, our comprehensive service is the best value for money.


Secure Emails & Hosting

Mailchimp Integration



Website Design

We are Web Developers with a Passion for Design

From the ground up, each and every website we build is created with your business in mind.

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