April 9, 2022

Why and how to use an email alias

April 9, 2022

Why and how to use an email alias

April 9, 2022

If you are managing your own business, it is very likely that you are using a separate email address for your business for correspondence with clients and suppliers, as well as your personal email address.

Managing more than one email address can lead to oversights, embarrassing mistakes and messages getting “lost” in the ether.

To avoid such issues, people will often set up a “forward” so that all their business emails are automatically sent to their personal email address. This duplicates the content of these emails in two separate locations and, because keeping data stored on the internet uses up electricity, needlessly duplicating content in this way is damaging to the environment.

This may seem like a very small amount of extra space when you are only considering your own email address, but when you take into account the fact that an estimated 319.6 billion emails were sent and received in 2021, it puts that extra server space into perspective.

This is why Vanilla Websites always recommends using email aliases. Using an email alias is a great way to avoid duplicating content and ensures that all inbound correspondence lands in one email box.

What is an email alias?

An email alias is basically a nickname for a single email inbox. A nickname which looks and works like a separate email address but sends all inbound correspondence into a single email inbox, without the duplication of those emails elsewhere. It takes up less server space and is therefore better for the environment.

They are particularly useful for business correspondence. For example, you can create a number of aliases for the different aspects of your company e.g. sales@mycompany.co.uk, accounts@mycompany.co.uk, newbusiness@mycompany.co.uk and then have them all managed from a single inbox account.

You might also use an alias to subscribe to specific services or newsletters which can allow you to keep your inbox organised and separate from your personal correspondence.

How do I create an alias?

As long as you own two or more email addresses, you can convert one of these emails into an alias using your exisiting email provider.

All the most popular email services have easy-to-follow instructions which allow you to set up an email alias.


We have listed below some links to email alias instructions from the mainstream providers:









GMX Mail


If you can’t find one listed on your email providers website, you can often find instructions by simply making a Google search of your email provider’s name with the additional term “set up alias”, for example a search on Google for

“yahoo set up alias”

currently brings up the top result listed below:


Setting up an email alias with Vanilla Websites

If you have signed up to one of our affordable, pay-as-you-go website packages, we will help you set up the aliases for your email address(es) at no extra charge.

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