April 3, 2022

What is a Call to Action?

April 3, 2022

What is a Call to Action?

April 3, 2022

A Call to Action or CTA is the part of your website that encourages the visitor to do something. That can be anything from clicking a button which navigates to another page, to filling in a form and signing up to a subscription.

Here’s a few examples of the terminology or wording you might find in a CTA encouraging people along their journey through a particular website:

Sign Up
Free Trial
Get Started
Find out More

Ecommerce CTAs

CTAs can encourage a number of different actions but the main aim of an ecommerce website is to convince the visitor to pay for a product or service. A well designed Call to Action acts as an invitation to make that payment. However, the first CTA you find on a website is not always a direct request for payment.

In many cases, there are some well planned strategies behind the navigational paths to payment on ecommerce websites. In many cases, CTAs will be employed to guide a visitor through information which will answer their questions and put their minds at ease before reaching the final request for payment.

Like a sales script delivered by a well-practiced rep, CTAs will signpost the visitor along a question-and-answer journey to a place where they will feel ready to sign up, pay, “contact us” – whatever it may be.

CTA Design

At Vanilla Websites, we like to think of CTAs as being similar to wedding invitations; because we all know how much effort goes into designing them. Just like your invites for that special day in church or at the registry office, when you are making an invitation for your website you will want it to look attractive and appealing to your visitor.

To go with this post, we have created an example Call to Action for an interior design company which you can view here:


The CTA in our example is designed to give the visitor the option to navigate to one of three different pages and, if it were a real example, those pages would all contain other CTAs leading to the ultimate goal for the example interior design company – contact with the prospective client.

Those other pages on the buyers journey, to which the CTAs are pointing, would also contain all the information required to help them make a decision to reach out to the interior design company.

You can view our example interior design landing page here.

If you need an affordable website which has all the facilities you need to manage a successful digital presence and encourage customers to engage with your company, call Vanilla Websites now.

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