March 29, 2022

Website Migration SEO

March 29, 2022

Website Migration SEO

March 29, 2022

Moving your website is sometimes as tricky as moving house; i.e., one of the most stressful things you can do.

It can also have negative implications for your SEO, including:

Broken links
404 errors
Missing content
Duplicate content
Lost rankings
Metadata issues
txt file blocked URLs

Vanilla Websites has compiled a checklist of important factors that need to be taken into consideration.

Sitemap & SEO

Before the team at Vanilla Websites conducts a migration, the first thing we do is take a sitemap from the website in question so we can check each and every page has been moved successfully. We also review all SEO implemented on a website to ensure the existing programme is copied over to your new location.


Taking a backup is hugely important and must be done before any major jobs that might cause data loss for a website.

Staging Area

Within your new hosting environment, you would be wise to set up a staging area to test the functionality of your website before you commit to making the transfer. Here you can place a copy of all your existing website files and run a mirror image of your website to make sure it is operating the way it should.

New site location info

Once you have proven your site in the staging area, you can proceed to updating the DNS, CDN and mail parameters so that every browser, mail server and search engine knows which direction to head in when your URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is requested.


Pages within your site that have been moved permanently, temporarily or are subject to a meta refresh need to be adjusted with any site migration. In many cases, no redirects are present and an entire website move can be conducted with a single redirect. You can check for any redirects using a free tool such as


All aspects of SEO which were previously implemented on your website need to be reviewed and checked to make sure they are still operational at the new location. This will include items such as Canonical Tags, Robots.txt, Internal Links, URL Structure, Mobile Optimization etc.

Further Testing

To ensure you have checked for every possible error which may have ocurred during the migration, Vanilla Websites recommends that you continue to review the following aspects during the next 4 to 6 weeks after migration:

Page Load Speed, Crawling Issues, Keyword rankings and Page indexing rates, Server Response Times, Index/NoIndex information, Redirects, Internal Links.

User eXperience

Finally, try using the site as would any visitor by testing all the facilities on your website such as downloadable content, subscription forms, checkout processes, chat functions, navigation etc.

New Domains

If you have moved your domain name as well as your location, we recommend you add the new domain to Google Search Console about at your earliest convenience so you can use this free service to monitor vital statistics relating to your website.

Using the Google Search Console “Coverage” tab, you will be able to pinpoint and fix any errors if and when they arise.

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