April 13, 2022

Updated list of companies staying or leaving Russia

April 13, 2022

Updated list of companies staying or leaving Russia

April 13, 2022

Further to our recent article about Spotify joining the list of companies that have suspended services in Russia, we have received an update from one of our readers which contains a much more exhaustive list.

This new list which has been draw to our attention appears on Website Planet, a great resource for those who are thinking of trying to build a website for themselves; without relying on a professional designer to help them with the styling, coding, security, email system, etc.

In contrast to our own somewhat brief list, the one you can find on Website Planet also contains information about the companies that have actually decided to stay in Russia.

You can find a comprehensive list of companies leaving or staying in Russia here:


The reader who brought this to our attention came across our website whilst searching for a list which contained details of the companies who were still operating in Russia; since most of the lists you can find online only show those who have left (like ours did).

It would appear there are a growing number of people who believe that the big multinational companies should no longer pursue huge profits without considering the political and humanitarian consequences of their respective businesses.

For example, we recently published an article showing that there was another side to the story behind Amazon’s supposedly virtuous “climate pledges” and its recent decision to cease delivering goods packed in single use plastics (which only came after a huge amount of pressure from environmentalists the world over).

The team at Vanilla Websites agree that we should all think carefully about the consequences of our actions and, furthermore, realise the power that we have as consumers.

People don’t have to purchase goods from companies who conduct their businesses in ways which are detrimental to the environment or the wellbeing of any particular species, but this often involves detailed research online to find out what the companies you use are doing.

There is so much “virtue signalling” being conducted by the biggest companies that it can be difficult to make an informed decision.

For example, big companies with deep pockets and a strong presence on search engines will often publish articles about the positive steps they have taken towards helping the environment in order that the mainstay of their customers are left completely unaware that the very same company is responsible for untold and unrectified pollution for many years.

If these companies were genuine, they wouldn’t be making “pledges” about what they were working towards in the future or showing off about a small step they had taken towards curbing the pollution they continue to make year in, year out. No. They would be using their profits to pay reparations for what they had already done to the ocean, the skies, the rainforests etc.

“Virtue signalling” is often used as a means to obfuscate and water down the real story and keep the general public in the dark about what many of the big chain suppliers are actually doing to our planet.

If you scratch the surface, you may well find a company you trusted turns out to be a major polluter.

The kind reader who contributed the basis of this article also drew our attention to the use of the Uighur workforce in China by big corporations in the western world.

You can read more about the oppression of this minority workforce and the big companies that continue to take advantage of the profits to be made from the maltreated Uighurs here:


As regards the Vanilla Websites stance on suspension of services in Russia, we have to mention that we considered the option to block access to our content from Russian IP addresses, but we declined.


We did so because we feel that the Russian people have a right to access accurate information from across the world, regardless of what their leaders are doing.

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