April 6, 2022

Twitter Design New Edit Button

April 6, 2022

Twitter Design New Edit Button

April 6, 2022

Twitter has confirmed that it is working on an “edit tweet” button since 2021. A much sought after and requested feature on the social media platform, editing will give users the power to correct typographical errors or other mistakes without having to delete and retweet their posts.

The announcement came shortly after Elon Musk initiated a poll on the platform to determine whether users wanted an edit button.

Over 4.4 million people responded. Just under 74% voted for the new functionality, leaving just over 26% against.

Twitter denied the idea for the edit button came from Musk’s post but indicated they would be running tests of an edit function on their “TwitterBlue” app. TwitterBlue is a premium, subscription version of the standard Twitter app which comes with some useful additions.

Elon Musk, who has a net worth estimated at $273bn was revealed to be the largest shareholder in Twitter on Monday.

This became evident when a filing disclosed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission listed that Musk, CEO of Tesla, had taken a 9.2% stake, worth $2.9bn

Shortly thereafter, on Tuesday, Twitter announced that Musk would be joining the board:

Musk’s appointment has fueled much speculation over what changes he intends to make on the platform. Shortly after the news of Musk’s investment broke, Twitter stock elevated in value by a record 22%.

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