April 1, 2022

Google’s Highly Cited Label

April 1, 2022

Google’s Highly Cited Label

April 1, 2022

Google is rolling out a new label to search results for news, interviews and press releases which are frequently cited by other sources in order to promote original work.

The new Google “Highly Cited” label will be launched in English on mobile in the U.S and then be deployed globally over the following weeks.

Why would Google signpost highly cited pages?

Google’s search algorithm is designed to elevate pages which are most relevant or useful to the reader, based on what they have searched for. More often than not, the top-listed links on the results pages are useful and relevant; however, they aren’t always the original source of the information. Google’s “highly cited” label is designed to point out and promote the pages that are likely to contain original content.

Source material can often be diluted when copied countless times, a fact which is easily proven by the children’s game Chine Whispers. This means the new “highly cited” label will guide people to what is likely to be the most accurate information, alongside elevating original content.

Not only is original source material likely to be more accurate, if often contains information which might have been lost in transmission.

Nidhi Hebbar, Product Manager at Google, states:

Let’s say a local news organization breaks an investigative story looking into problems at your local school district. The story is so big that it gets picked up by numerous other media outlets. But what if you didn’t see that original story, which had unique context for local residents? We’re introducing a way to help you identify stories that have been frequently cited by other news organizations, giving you a simple way to find the most helpful or relevant information for a news story.”

You can read her full post here:


The new highly cited label, alongside several other new Google Search features, has been announced ahead of International Fact-Checking Day (April 2nd) and will come as welcome news to any researchers who frequently rely on Google for fact checking.

Another highlight is that Google will also display notices about breaking news; indicating that it may take time for trusted cources to publish accurate information.

This, along with tips on how to evaluate information provided on the internet, should help to lessen the impact of fake news and disinformation which can often spread, virally, through social media networks.

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