April 8, 2022

Google Lens multisearch

April 8, 2022

Google Lens multisearch

April 8, 2022

Google Lens is a fantastic app with which you can take a snapshot of something you like and then Google will bring up links to purchase the items which are almost identical to the one you took a photo of.

That’s great if you are only interested in rigorously adhering to your shopping list for “a green dress” or “some brown shoes”, but what it doesn’t cater for is that sense of inspiration you get when you’re out at the shops, browsing, and you spot a pattern or a colour on some clothing and you decide that pattern would go well on a rug in your hallway, for example.

This is where Google Lens multisearch comes in. The Google Lens update, launched yesterday for users in the US*, means you can take a picture of a colour or pattern and then search for it along with the keyword “rug”, for example, to provide results which join both factors together – helping you find that perfect rug.

Another example of how this amazing tool can make things easier for the user is how it removes the need to use complicated language to find an item you want.

For example, if you spotted a beautiful, green dress in a particular fabric but you wanted it in blue, it would normally be extremely difficult to type in all the details about the bodice, skirt, sleeves, hemline, train, neckline, straps, etc., so as to find one in your preferred colour. With the new Google Lens multisearch function, you simply upload a photo of the dress and type “blue”.

Google Lens is available to people in the UK and has a variety of useful applications such as copying and pasting text (by photo) to another signed-in Chrome browser, identifying plants and animals and even help with homework.

*Unfortunately, the recently added multisearch function is currently only available to users of Google Lens in the US. However, it is expected to be rolled out to other regions soon and Vanilla Websites will do our best to keep our subscribers posted on when it lands in the UK.

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