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By Site Admin

Media Library URLs or file paths for images in WordPress?

Should I use Media Library URLs to reference images in WordPress page templates or just use the file directory? Here […]

By Site Admin

Enhancing SEO with XML Sitemaps

A Vanilla Websites Guide Are you looking to boost your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) efforts? One effective strategy you […]

By Site Admin

SEO Manual for Business Owners

So, you’ve got a great website and it’s giving your customers the confidence to reach out and use your business, […]

By Site Admin

Musk Vs Twitter

Elon Musk has now confirmed that he has offered to purchase Twitter for a whopping $41 billion (just under £31.5 […]

By Site Admin

Website Migration SEO

Moving your website is sometimes as tricky as moving house; i.e., one of the most stressful things you can do. […]

By Site Admin

Product Review Ranking Update

Google will be making some adjustments to how it decides which product reviews it will serve up in search results. If you create reviews on the web, you can check out Google’s guide on how they think you should do it here:

By Site Admin

Breadcrumbs | Essential for SEO

An easy way to boost the SEO of your website is to add some breadcrumbs. Vanilla websites installs breadcrumbs on […]

By Site Admin

Best UK Business Directory Sites for SEO 2022

Once you’ve had your website built and it’s online, one way to get free, organic traffic is to list your […]

By Site Admin

Create an SEO Strategy for your website

If you’ve recently invested your time and effort into a new website for your business, you are going to want […]

By Site Admin

Why Blog?

We recommend blogging for SEO There are a few very good reasons why your company website needs a blog but […]

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